About Imperfectly Montessori

I’m a Montessori practitioner and mother of a young daughter. Four years ago I was neither.

Knowing nothing about the realities of taking a Montessori course while newly married and pregnant, I merrily jacked in my research job in London and decamped to my home town in the Chilterns.

I trained and qualified with the ever patient Montessori Centre International, and completed my practical training at the wonderful local Acorn Montessori nursery school.

After the last few years of blood, sweat and many, many tears I looked back on it all and decided to write all the things that I learned about the Montessori method, the course and to hopefully show you can use the method imperfectly to still benefit your child.

For students, there is no need to be perfect either.

Many of these activities and experiences were from when my daughter was aged 2-3, she has only just turned 4. I hope to update with plenty of new material as we navigate the world of a 4 year old, including the move to Big School. Sob.